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    We have very carefully selected the accommodation where you will rest comfortably


    Mechanical assistance throughout the adventure, solving all problems


    We provide protective equipment (helmet and gloves) for a safe adventure

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MotoAndes: We

Hotels, Hostels and Restaurants

They have been specially selected to ensure the best service.


About Us

We are tourism operators, experts in motorcycling and adventure, devoted to trip organization and motorcycle tours throughout the Peruvian Ande.

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Our routes include:


We have an expert guide motorcyclist.



Rooms in 3 star accommodation.



100% recognized routes, safe and reliable.


  Helmet and Gloves

All the assurances for a great trip.


Our Routes

In MotoAndes you will be able to find and organize the trip of your dreams, for as long as you want and through the places you choose, any moment of the year.

A wide variety of places, roads

and ecosystems from beautiful paradisiacal beaches.

Hotels, Hostels and Restaurants

have been specially selected to guarantee you the best service.

Pickup Truck 4x4

for those who don’t drive motorcycles.

Colca Canyon

3 days and 2 nights

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Colca Canyon - Volcano Valley - Cotahuasi

7 days and 6 nights

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Colca Canyon - Puno - Cusco

12 days and 11 nights

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Coast - Andean - Jungle (Manu)

16 days and 15 nights

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